Data transfer middleware

Matchesfashion | Mar 2022

Matchesfashion contracted us to design and build a middleware project, enabling connection of customer data sources with their own data lake.

We provided not only the design and build of the system, but also complete transparency of our high code quality and test coverage standards. As planned, the project was handed over to their internal team with detailed project specifications, diagrams and documentation.

Dan Knight

Chief Technology Officer - Matchesfashion

Stackcrafters did an exceptional job working alongside our internal team to deliver both a great proposal and a working solution to a complex set of requirements we had.

Having worked with Pete and James on several occasions I can say with confidence they are exceptional engineers who balance very high-quality work, with sensible modern architectural approaches like using a serverless architecture to keep running costs to a minimum whilst giving perfect performance and scalability to the systems they create.

Stackcrafters are professional and easy to work with and I will certainly use them again.